ASCENT tells the story of a woman who improves herself to death.

In her quest to feel forever fresh and live up others' and her own expectations of how she ought to be, she undergoes a series of physical transformations, ranging from haircuts to facelifts, and more invasive procedures.

Reaching for her ideal self, she ascends into oblivion.

The Citizen Theatre ensemble tells this story by creating optical illusions with movement and light, along with an experimental use of song, voice and musical elements.

The performance takes place in near darkness accentuating the skin of the performers and allowing the ensemble cast to build new bodies on stage and slowly remove body parts as the protagonist undergoes increasingly evasive procedures in her quest for perfection.


Watch the mini-documentary series I created for Citizen Theatre below. The videos include behind-the-scenes footage, rehearsal videos, development shots and interviews with the Citizen Theatre collaborators. 



(alphabetical order)
Marty Alix
Jordan Barr
Kala Gare
Willow Sizer
Jessica Vellucci


Writer/Director/Producer: Jayde Kirchert
Producer/Visual Design/Documentarian: Stu Brown
Composer: Imogen Cygler
Lighting Designer: Ashleigh Barnett
Stage Manager/Operator: Sophie Andrew
Social Media Coordinator/Producing Assistant: Steph Clare-Cover
Publicist: Sassy Red PR

Special thank you: Jack Wunsch, Jenni Little (early workshop collaborators)

This production is generously supported by Monica and Sam Abrahams and the Ron and Margaret Dobell Foundation, as part of ShowSupport.


Stu Brown
/ Design & Photography
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