Citizen Theatre Identity

Citizen Theatre
Graphic Design

A refresh of the Citizen Theatre logo and brand identity to reflect the new direction that the company has embarked on during 2018 with the announcement of a company of regular performing and non-performing collaborators.

I worked closely with Citizen Theatre’s Artistic Director Jayde Kirchert to refine the original Citizen Theatre circle logo. The text was updated with a lighter weight and increased tracking to present a well-rounded logo that is recognisable across a range of applications, platforms and media.


Citizen Theatre is an independent Melbourne theatre company that has been producing and creating new work and existing plays since 2013. Citizen Theatre is drawn to presenting social causes and issues on stage and works with a feminist, access conscious approach in mind.

Citizen Theatre’s performance projects explore the combinations that music and theatre can offer, to reimagine how musical forms of theatre are perceived in Australia.