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Death of a Demi Diva

Willow Sizer / Melbourne Cabaret Festival / Chapel Off Chapel
Photography, Graphic Design

Death of a Demi Diva is an intimate three-person cabaret set in the final hours of an honest, heartbreaking & hilarious farewell concert. This cabaret boasts a smorgasbord of original comedy songs in styles ranging from 80s Power Ballads to 1940s Arias.

Lead by ‘Star on the Rise’ ( Willow Sizer in her “tour-de-force performance” (Sometimes Melbourne) as prima donna Madame Darling, this is a timely study on the price of fame and the resilience of the Diva.

Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2019

22 & 23 June 2019 @Chapel Off Chapel - 4:30pm

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Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival 2018

9 - 14 July 2018 @The Butterfly Club - 8:30pm

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