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Forgotten Places:
From The Past A Future Begins

Presented by Citizen Theatre

Chapel Off Chapel
13-17 February  2019

Production Details
An experience awaits to ignite the depths of your imagination. Here, places once forgotten are transformed into visions of the future, where voices sing enchanting songs, architecture comes to life and colour rules supreme.

Let your curiosity guide you through a labyrinth of art, design and theatrical wonder and discover delight in what could be.

Forgotten Places: From the Past a Future Begins was an immersive theatre and art experience based on the people, places and history of the City of Stonnington. 

Guided Photography Walk

Forgotten Places began in November 2018 when I facilitated a free guided photography walk around the suburbs of Prahran, South Yarra and Hawksburn. The walk encouraged people to see the world around them with a fresh perspective through the art of photography.

The photographs have inspired artworks, poetry, stories, movement, lyrics, melodies, costumes, shapes and a fully immersive experience created by my wonderful, hard-working and talented Citizen Theatre collaborators.

Watch the photowalk highlights in the video ︎︎︎

Social media content
All of the social media marketing content was created on photo walks around the suburbs in Stonnington. The images were taken by both the Forgotten Places team and by members of the public who live, work and/or play in the Stonnington area.

Check out some of my favourites below ︎︎︎


Forgotten Places was a fully collaborative project made possible with the hard work, dedication, and talent of the following people:

Jordan Barr
Kayla Hamill
Tomas Parrish
Willow Sizer
Margot Tanjutco

Creatives & Crew
Director, Dramaturge, Producer: Jayde Kirchert
Concept design, Art direction, Photographer: Stu Brown
Composer: Imogen Cygler
Costume Designer: Aislinn Naughton
Associate Producer: Steph Clare-Cover

  • Cate, Ibrahim, Simon and the team at Chapel Off Chapel for being a superb venue that is a delight to work with
  • Nicole, Rosalie and the folks at the City of Stonnington council for their support and guidance
  • All of our photography walk participants & volunteer ushers
  • Russell Mason for helping to photograph the performances (@stonningtonurbs)
  • Ines Iachelini for going above and beyond
  • Special thank you to Ron and Marg Dobell for their continued support
  • Marshall White Foundation

Forgotten Places was generously supported by the City of Stonnington’s Arts & Cultural Grants program.


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