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Forgotten Places: Journey Beyond The Stars

Presented by Citizen Theatre

4 - 7 September 2019
Live at Kingston Arts Centre

Production Details
An experience awaits to ignite the depths of your imagination. Enter a dazzling, exciting vision of the universe, where mesmerising songs, beautiful dances and stunning visual art come to life in an unforgettable immersive experience.

Forgotten Places is a fully immersive art and theatre experience inspired by Kingston’s people, places and unique history of UFO sightings.

Production Images

Trailers & Show Reel


Freya Pragt 
Willow Sizer
Jack Wunsch
Imogen Cygler

Creatives & Crew
Director, Dramaturge & Producer: Jayde Kirchert
Concept design & Art direction, Photography, Videography: Stu Brown
Composer & Music Director: Imogen Cygler
Costume Designer: Aislinn Naughton
Stage Manager: Teri Steer
Lighting Designer: Rachel Lee
Associate Producer: Steph Clare-Cover

This project was supported by the Kingston Arts Grants Project. Special thanks to the Ron & Margaret Dobell Foundation for their continued support.

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