When The Light Leaves

Citizen Theatre & High Line Productions / La Mama TheatrePhotography, Graphic Design, Set Design, Video

When The Light Leaves is a new play from emerging playwright Rory Godbold that deals with issues surrounding the new Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws that came into effect in Victoria on 19 June 2019. These laws will allow Victorians access to VAD and coincided with the play’s season at La Mama Courthouse, Carlton, 12-23 June.

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︎Hero image, postcards, poster, web banner

Forgotten Places

Citizen Theatre / Chapel Off Chapel / Stonnington City CouncilPhotography, Graphic Design, Set Design, Artwork

Forgotten Places is a brand new immersive art and theatre experience where places once forgotten are transformed into visions of the future, where voices sing enchanting songs, architecture comes to life and colour rules supreme. 

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︎Hero image, poster, billboard, postcard, show program

Born With a Moustache in a Supernova

Brunswick Street Gallery
Video, Exhibition design, Graphic design, Artwork

Born With A Moustache In A Supernova was a personal solo exhibition that featured interactive, immersive experiences, graphic design, video and original artworks and was presented by Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

The exhibition was a celebration of the resurgence of interest in analogue technologies and explored ways that we might try to restore balance in our digital world with tangible, physical objects and interactive, communal experiences.

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︎Web banner, postcard design

Diamonds: The Songs & Stories of Marilyn Monroe

Citizen Theatre
Photography, Graphic Design

Diamonds is a Morning Melodies show, that will dazzle and delight audiences with the songs of one of the most glamorous celebrities that ever lived: Marilyn Monroe.

Diamonds will feature Marilyn Monroe’s most popular, sweetest and sexiest tunes including "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend", "Bye Bye Baby" and  "Some Like It Hot".

The blonde bombshell will sing her favourite songs from her best films, recreating the glamour and fun of “Show Biz” in the 1950s in a concert created specially for those who remember her.

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︎Poster, postcard, DL flyer

The Female Subject

Citizen Theatre
Graphic Design

The Female Subject is a live web-series based on primary research collected by Citizen Theatre. Over 60 female identifying citizens of various ages and backgrounds were surveyed to get a sense of what it means to be a woman today.

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︎Postcard, DL flyer, poster, promotional business cards


Citizen Theatre / Theatre Works / Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018
Photography, Graphic Design, Video

Ascent tells the story of a woman who improves herself to death. In her quest to feel forever fresh and live up others' and her own expectations of how she ought to be, she undergoes a series of physical transformations, ranging from haircuts to facelifts, and more invasive procedures. Reaching for her ideal self, she ascends into oblivion.

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︎Poster,  web banner, promotional business cards

Death of a Demi Diva

Willow Sizer / Melbourne Cabaret Festival Photography, Graphic Design

Death of a Demi Diva is an intimate three-person cabaret set in the final hours of an honest, heartbreaking & hilarious farewell concert. This cabaret boasts a smorgasbord of original comedy songs in styles ranging from 80s Power Ballads to 1940s Arias.

Lead by ‘Star on the Rise’ Willow Sizer in her “tour-de-force performance” as prima donna Madame Darling, this is a timely study on the price of fame and the resilience of the Diva.

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︎web banners, poster, DL flyer


Citizen Theatre / A_tistic / Poppy Seed Festival 2017 Graphic Design, Set Design, Costume Design

Citizen Theatre and A_tistic joined forces to create a new theatrical work: Alexithymia. The production simulates an autistic experience of the world for audiences.

Alexithymia is a condition that noticeably affects 85% of people diagnosed on the autism spectrum and is defined as an inability to name or describe emotions.

Developed and presented by a neuro-diverse cast and creative team, Alexithymia was a speculative fiction, featuring an interdependent and delicate mix of sensory stimuli, sound design and stylised performances.

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︎DL flyer

Citizen Theatre Identity

Citizen Theatre
Graphic Design

A refresh of the Citizen Theatre logo and brand identity to reflect the new direction that the company has embarked on with the announcement of a company of regular performing and non-performing collaborators.

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︎Logo design, business cards, DL flyer, letterhead

100 Days // 100 Lyrics

Personal projecy
Graphic Design

A fun self-initiated poster project based on my favourite songs.

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Mountain Dwellers LP

Mountain Dwellers
Graphic Design

Album cover for rock band Mountain Dwellers (RIP).

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︎Record cover design

Poster Archive

Various clients
Graphic Design

Selected posters from the archive.

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︎Poster designs