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Polygamy, Polygayou

Presented by Clare Rankin Productions

In the forgotten town of Old South Wales, three sister wives have been in a loving group marriage with their darling husband Edgar. When Edgar dies suddenly in a horrific carriage accident, the wives farewell him through song, catching the attention of a big-shot Hollywood music producer. Before you can say "three's a crowd!", the wives are thrust into the modern age and catapulted to stardom.

Polygamy, Polygayou' is a hot new musical about love, sisterhood and the bonds of matrimony.


Written and Performed by:
Alice Tovey
Charity Werk
Hayley Tantau
Margot Tanjutco

Produced and directed by:
Clare Rankine

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2020
1 & 8 April 2020
Melbourne Town Hall

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019
12 - 20 September 2019
Fringe Hub: Trades Hall

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